Wildlife Newcomers

Wildlife Newcomers

This section is for those of you who may be dipping your toe into a wildlife topic for the first time or may be looking to broaden your interest into another group (for instance moths). Either way, I hope you will something that will be helpful in your pursuit. If you are a newcomer and have any questions, be it identifying a species or just practical advice on how to pursue your new hobby, feel free to contact me.

Wildlife Newcomers - Moth TrappingMoth Trapping

In this video for ‘Newcomers’, I give a brief introduction to Moth Trapping. It does not have to be expensive and is very rewarding.


Wildlife Newcomers - Hoverfly LagoonsHoverfly Lagoons

Here’s something you can do in the garden that is not only fun to build and great to watch, when the adults visit your lagoon to lay eggs, but helps an important pollinator.


Wildlife Newcomers - Let's talk: MothsLet’s talk: Moths

In the first of a series of videos for ‘Newcomers’, I give a brief introduction to Moths and answer the question: Do moths eat clothes?