Kruger National Park

talk: Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is one of the World’s top safari destinations and for good reason. In this series Robert Wienand, Founder Director of Outlook Safaris (Now Kruger Wildlife Safaris), and I talk about its merits and discuss the park, its camps, its wildlife and how to get the best from your visit.

Whether you are an international traveller or a local visitor, this series will help you plan your safari and get the most from your visit.

A massive thank you to Robert.

Link to Kruger National Park – Introducing the Park interviewPart 1: Introducing Kruger National Park

In Part -1 we introduce you to Kruger National Park; its scale, habitat diversity and a brief introduction to the camps.


Link to Kruger National Park – Making the most of the Park interviewPart 2: Making the most of the park

In Part – 2, we talk about how to get the most from your safari in the Kruger; from the planning stage to your time in the park.


Link to Introducing the main camps interviewPart 3: Introducing the main camps

In Part – 3, we talk about the main camps, the surrounding habitats and some of the key species to look out for.


Link to Meet the Big Five interviewPart 4: Meet the Big Five

In Part – 4, we meet the Big Five. We talk about how the five became the five, introduce each of them and give some clues about how to find them in the Kruger.


Link to Discover the Little Five interviewPart 5: Discover the Little Five

In Part – 5, discover the Little Five. We talk Elephants, Lions, Buffalo, Rhinos and Leopard, but not on the scale you might be expecting and about the chances of you bumping into them in the Kruger.


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Link to book my Kruger National Park talkMy Kruger National Park talk

I have been fortunate enough to visit Kruger on a number of occasions. Find out ore about my illustrated ‘Kruger’s Big 5+‘ talk.

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