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talk: Flies – outside-in with Dr Erica McAlister

Link to Flies, outside-in video interviewJust before Christmas 2020, Dr Erica McAlister and I talked flies:

  • how they hear
  • their internal anatomy
  • their ovipositors

Uploaded: January 2021

talk: Looking up for birds with David Lindo – The Urban Birder

Link to Looking up for birds video interviewDavid Lindo and I talk:

  • what is meant by Urban birding
  • the good and not so good Urban birding cities
  • discovering Wormwood Scrubs

Discover more about The Urban Birder

Uploaded: December 2020

talk: 165 Waders – WCWW results with Rick Simpson

I talk to Rick Simpson from Wader Quest and Sue Oertli from Wader Quest South Africa about this year’s World Conservation Wader Watch. Turns out WCWW-7 was the most successful to date.

Read the WingSearch 2020 guide to small winter waders.

Uploaded: November 2020

talk: Ontario Piping Plover Program with Andrea Gress

Andrea Gress, Program Coordinator for the Birds Canada “Ontario Piping Plover Program” and I talk:

  • Canada’s Piping Plover population
  • Ontario’s precious seven pairs
  • Caring for these special summer visitors

Uploaded: November 2020

talk: BTO needs your Siskin and Bullfinch records with Rob Jaques

Rob Jaques, BTO Garden BirdWatch Supporter Development Officer and I talk:

  • anomalies in Siskin and Bullfinch numbers
  • the BTO Garden BirdWatch project
  • healthier feeding methods

Uploaded: November 2020

talk: BirdLife Australia – Beach-nesting Birds with Dr Daniel Lees

BirdLife Australia’s Coastal Birds Project Officer, Dr Dan Lees and I talk:

  • the aims of the project
  • the birds it protects
  • successes and the future

Uploaded: November 2020

talk: Earthworms – Our Underground Allies with Keiron Brown

Keiron Brown, Recording Officer at the Earthworm Society of Britain and I talk:

  •  an unknown quantity globally – 31 in the British Isles
  • intelligent creatures with multiple hearts
  • why we should be grateful to the Earthworms
  • helping their survival

Uploaded: October 2020

talk: The World’s Best Dragonfly Hotspot? With Tom Kompier

Naturalist and Author, Tom Kompier and I talk:

  • why REGUA might just be the best
  • the species that make it special
  • the status of Brazil’s dragonflies

Uploaded: October 2020

talk: Wader Conservation World Watch with Rick Simpson

The weekend of 31st October and 1st November 2020 is ‘Wader Conservation World Watch’ weekend. Co-founder of Wader Quest, Rick Simpson and I talk:

  • WCWW’s inception
  • its history
  • how you take part

Uploaded: October 2020

talk: Conserving the Galapagos with Lisa Wheeler

Lisa Wheeler, Project Manager for the Galapagos Conservation Trust and I talk:

  • the islands and their habitats
  • the special species
  • the conservation challenges

Uploaded: October 2020

talk: Scotland’s Dragonfly Hotspots with Daniele Muir

Daniele Muir, Conservation Officer (Scotland) for the British Dragonfly Society and I talk:

  • the state of Scotland’s dragonflies
  • new arrivals
  • Scotland’s 3 specials
  • introducing Scotland’s hotspots

Uploaded: September 2020

talk: Save Swanscombe Marshes

This is an urgent appeal on behalf of Buglife. Paul Hetherington, Director of Fundraising and Communications at Buglife explains why it is critical that we Save Swanscombe Marshes – one of the most important sites for invertebrates in the UK!

Uploaded: September 2020

talk: People for Ponds with Andrea Hudspeth

Andrea Hudspeth, Project Officer (Scotland) for the British Dragonfly Society and I talk:

  • the importance of ponds
  • a project to bring ponds back to communities
  • a pond on a 7th floor!

Uploaded: September 2020

talk: Sawflies – ain’t what you think! With Andy Musgrove

County Recorder, Andy Musgrove and I talk:

  • Sawflies
  • What they are
  • Why record them

Uploaded: August 2020

talk: Reversing Insect Decline with Prof. Dave Goulson

Prof. Dave Goulson, Lead Author of the Wildlife Trusts report “Reversing the Decline of Insects” and I talk:

  • insect declines
  • the causes
  • positive projects
  • how you can help

Uploaded: July 2020

talk: Are Bumblebees farmers? With Harriet Lambert

PHD student, Harriet Lambert and I talk:

  • the life of a hive
  • how Bumblebees trigger plants to flower
  • and answer the question – “are Bumblebees farmers?”

Uploaded: July 2020

talk: UK Dragonfly Conservation with Ellie Clover

Ellie Colver, Conservation Officer (England and Wales) for the British Dragonfly Society and I talk:

  • species in decline
  • species on the increase
  • a new arrival

Uploaded: July 2020

talk: Butterflies of REGUA with Alan Martin

Alan Martin, BART Secretary, Author and professional Trustee and I talk:

  • a new butterfly guide for South-East Brazil
  • the importance of identifying species
  • a snapshot of REGUA’s stunning butterflies

Uploaded: July 2020

talk: Dragonfly Hotspots with Fiona McKenna

Fiona McKenna, British Dragonfly Society’s Conservation Outreach Officer for England and Wales and I talk:

  • the idea behind ‘Dragonfly Hotspots’
  • what makes a Hotspot
  • the plan for future Hotspots

Uploaded: June 2020

talk: Life of Fly with Erica McAlister

Erica McAlister, Scientist, Dipterist, President of the Amateur Entomology Society, committee member of the Dipterists Forum and author of the brilliant ‘The Secret Life of Flies’ and I talk:

  • a fly’s life
  • what’s the point of flies
  • what no chocolate!

Uploaded: June 2020

talk: Sea Turtle Conservation with Brad Nahill

Brad Nahill, President and Co-founder of SEE Turtles and I talk:

  • SEE Turtles work
  • the threats to Sea Turtles
  • Sea Turtle Week

Uploaded: June 2020

talk: Stepping up for Turtle Doves with Dove Step

Fundraiser, Naturalist, Heavy Metal fan and Dubstep authority (!) Jonny Rankin and I talk:

  • his journey into the birding world
  • the sad plight of Turtle Doves
  • Dove Step’s outstanding fundraising efforts
  • Jonny gets political!

Uploaded: June 2020

talk: Steps towards making nature open to all with the Urban Birder

David Lindo, The Urban Birder, and I talk:

  • a great model for watching Urban wildlife
  • engaging all races and classes
  • the merits of watching urban wildlife
  • taking wildlife to the people

Uploaded: June 2020

talk: Photographing wildlife in and out of water with Jack Perks

In this interview, Natural History Photographer, Naturalist, Podcaster and Conservation Volunteer, Jack Perks and I talk:

  • why freshwater fish
  • his varying techniques
  • not just fish
  • the plastic problem

Uploaded: June 2020

talk: Recording Britain’s Dragonflies with Ellie Colver

In this interview, Ellie Colver, Conservation Officer (England and Wales) for the British Dragonfly Society, talk:

  • Reporting your dragonfly sightings
  • DragonflyWatch – recording advice for beginners and adopt a site to survey
  • White-legged Damselfly Investigation
  • Northern Damselfly survey
  • Clubtail Count results

Uploaded: June 2020

talk: Hutan Harapan, Sumatra with Tim Stowe

In this video Tim Stowe, Chair of Yayasan KEHI, Hutan Harapan and I talk:

  • restoring the forest of hope
  • the first production forest area in Indonesia
  • the Batin Sembilan community

Uploaded: June 2020


talk: Hookpod – Saving Albatross with Becky Ingham

CEO of Hookpod, Becky Ingham and I talk:

  • the global plight of Albatross species
  • the horror of bycatch
  • Hookpod, a simple, low-cost and effective solution

Uploaded: May 2020


talk: Observing Blennies with Dr Paul Naylor

In this interview, Dr Paul Naylor, Marine Biologist, photographer and author of ‘Great British Marine Animals’ and I talk:

  • his route to Blennies
  • his study of Blennies
  • introducing the Blenny to a wider audience

Uploaded: May 2020


talk: Painted Dog Conservation PART 2

Painted Dog Conservation Executive Director, Peter Blinston and I talk:

  • Community Engagement
  • Education
  • Living with a pack

Uploaded: May 2020


talk: Painted Dog Conservation PART 1

Painted Dog Conservation Executive Director, Peter Blinston and I talk:

  • just what is a Painted Dog
  • the threats they face
  • the work of Painted Dog Conservation

Uploaded: May 2020

talk: Birding in Wales with Alan Davies

In this video, Alan Davies author, blogger and bird guide and I talk:

  • the disappearing species
  • the new species including Osprey
  • twitching a Royal Tern with Punch and Judy!
  • the ‘elusive’ Red Kite!

Uploaded: May 2020

For more about Alan and Ruth’s bird tours: Birdwatching Trips 


talk: Murchison Falls Community Project with Kenneth Tumusiime

Murchison Falls Community Eco-Tourism and Conservation Association Founder, Kenneth Tumusiime and I talk:

  • Ugandan wildlife
  • Community involvement
  • Bees as barriers
  • Educating tomorrows wildlife guardians

Uploaded: May 2020


talk: Breeding Birds Survey

In this video, I talk to Sarah Harris, Breeding Bird Survey National Organiser at the BTO about:

  • key findings from the 2019 survey
  • the worrying decline of the chaffinch
  • the health of birds and rabbits
  • the many BTO Citizen Science projects you can get involved with

Uploaded: May 2020


talk: Dragonfly Recording in Vietnam

Naturalist and Author, Tom Kompier and I talk:

  • his route to Odonata
  • over 150 Genera
  • discovering over 50 new species
  • species on the edge

Uploaded: May 2020


talk: Nature’s Young Ambassador

In this interview Cameron Bespolka Trust Ambassador, Kabir Kaul and I talk:

  • his route to becoming a birder
  • BTO Bird Camp
  • his influences (special mention for the Urban Birder)
  • his role as a Cameron Bespolka Trust Ambassador

Uploaded: May 2020


talk: Hedgehog Awareness Week

Self-confessed hedgehog addict, Author and British Hedgehog Preservation Society Spokesperson, Hugh Warwick and I talk:

  • Hedgehog facts
  • how they are doing
  • how you can help them
  • Hedgehog Street

Uploaded: May 2020

Become a Hedgehog Champion


talk: Arthropedia

Vanna Bartlett, Artist, Author and Blogger and I talk:

  • her passion for Arthropods
  • their importance
  • Arthropedia: An Illustrated Alphabet of Invertebrates

Uploaded: May 2020

Read more about Vanna and her excellent book in the ‘People who make a difference’ feature on WingSearch 2020.

The book is available from: Mascot Media


talk: 80 Hawkmoths!

Alan Martin, BART Secretary, Author and professional Trustee and I talk:

  • REGUA, a special place
  • Moths galore
  • Hawkmoths of the Serra dos Orgaos, South-eastern Brazil

Uploaded: April 2020

Profits from this book will go to REGUA in support of our conservation work.

Related interview:  talk: Conserving the Atlantic Forest with Lee Dingain


talk: Saving Habitats, Saving Species

Dan Bradbury, Director of Communications and Development at the World Land Trust and I talk:

  • the World Land Trust model
  • Successes in 2019
  • Saving a new Hummingbird species
  • Restoring Vietnam’s Tropical Forests

Uploaded: April 2020


talk: Birds on the Brink

‘Birds on the Brink’ Trustee, Photographer and Natural History Writer Dr. Paul Sterry and I talk:

  • The aims of the charity
  • How it supports bird projects
  • Hookpod
  • Bermuda Petrel
  • BPOTY 2020

Updated: April 2020


talk: Eurasian Curlew Conservation

RSPB Principle Conservation Scientist, Dr. David Douglas and I talk:

  • The Eurasian Curlew’s worrying decline
  • The reasons and solutions
  • The Curlew Recovery Programme

Uploaded: April 2020


talk: Conserving Atlantic Forest with Lee Dingain

Lee Dingain from REGUA and I talk:

  • Conservation at REGUA in Brazil
  • An astonishing number of species
  • A few firsts
  • The return of a species that was extinct for 100 years

Uploaded: April 2020


talk: Nocmig with Nick Moran

BTO Training Manager and nocmig communicator Nick Moran and I talk:

  • ‘nocmig’, what it is and how you can get recording
  • How to add Common Scoter to your garden list
  • An exciting addition to BirdTrack

Updated: April 2020



talk: Project Godwit with Jess Owen

Project Godwit Engagement Officer, Jess Owen and I talk:

  • Why there is a need for Project Godwit
  • The steps taken to change the Godwits fortunes
  • Engaging the community
  • How you can help

Uploaded: April 2020


talk: Sea Squirts with Heather Buttivant

Author of ‘Rock Pool’ and award-winning blogger, Heather Buttivant and I talk:

  • Sea grass
  • Sea Squirts
  • An exciting find

Uploaded: April 2020



talk: UK Rockpools with Heather Buttivant

Author and award-winning blogger, Heather Buttivant and I talk:

  • the joys of rock pooling
  • a choice of tidal zones
  • Sharks, Pipefish and Corals in UK rockpools

Uploaded: April 2020


talk: Wader Conservation with Rick Simpson – Wader Quest

Rick Simpson, Co-founder of Wader Quest and I talk:

  • A quest for Waders
  • Keeping it local
  • An inspiration of Waders

Uploaded: April 2020

talk: Meeting Mother Earth – Jenny Bailey

In this video, children’s books author and founder of Tales from Mother Earth, Jenny Bailey and I talk:

  • What inspired her
  • The importance of educating children about wildlife
  • The ‘Tales from Mother Earth’ approach

Uploaded: April 2020

We also introduce Phoebe the Bee.


talk: Garden Pollinators – Prof. Dave Goulson

In this video, I talk to Prof. Dave Goulson, Prof. of Biology at the University of Sussex about:

  • Garden Pollinators
  • The BUZZ Club
  • Hoverfly Lagoons

Uploaded: April 2020


talk: WeBS Survey 2018/19 with Paul Stancliffe – BTO

In my first video, when I am not distracted by the birds in his garden, I talk to Paul Stancliffe, Media Manager at the BTO about:

  • WeBS Survey 2018/19
  • Citizen Science
  • Garden BirdWatch

Uploaded: April 2020

Given the current climate, the video was done using Skype. As the world and his dog is using the internet at the moment, the picture is a bit choppy, the audio however works fine.


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