talk: Wildlife Books

Welcome to talk: Wildlife Books. Not reviews as such, just an introduction to the wildlife books I have enjoyed reading. I will talk about both new, recently published, books and those that may have been around for years, but may not have hit your radar.

Link to Introducing David Lack book review on talk: books video1 – Introducing David Lack

In this chapter, I talk about some of the many books written by pioneering Ornithologist David Lack. From the ground-breaking (and recently re-published) ‘The Life of the Robin‘ and ‘Darwin’s Finches‘, Lack lead the way in ornithological writing for over 3 decades.

Link to The story of the Coelacanth talk: books video review2 – The story of the Coelacanth

In this chapter, I talk about one of my favourite books, ‘Old Fourlegs‘ by J. L. B. Smith; and ‘A fish caught in time’ by Samantha Weinberg. Two books, separated by 40 years, that tell the incredible story of the rediscovery of the Coelacanth.

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3 – The Spider and the Fly

In this chapter, I talk about ‘The Secret Life of the Fly’ by NHM London’s Senior Curator of Diptera Erica McAlister and ‘On the Margins’, the story of The Fen Raft Spiders of Redgrove and Lopham Fen, by Helen Smith and with excellent illustrations by Sheila Tilmouth.

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Link to Rock Pool book review on video4 – Rock Pool by Heather Buttivant

In this chapter I discuss Heather Buttivant’sRock Pool‘. A book that invites you to participate in a walk through the tide zones.

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Link to Introducing Henry Walter Bated book review on video5 – Introducing Henry Walter Bates

In this chapter, I introduce Henry Walter Bates. One of the lesser known scientists of the Victorian Era, best known for his exploration of the Amazon and his description of mimicry in animals. Here I talk about his book ‘The Naturalist on the River Amazons‘ and ‘The Butterfly Hunter‘ a biography by Dr. Anthony Crawforth.

Link to Origin of Species book review on video6 – Origin of Species

In this chapter, I introduce Charles Darwin’sOn the Origin of Species’ – often cited as “the most important biological book ever written”. I then bring it up-to-date with Steve Jones’s book ‘Almost like a Whale’.


Link to Introducing A. R. Wallace talk: Wildlife Books review on video7 – Introducing Alfred Russel Wallace

In this chapter, I talk about Alfred Russel Wallace. First, I discuss his masterpiece ‘The Malay Archipelago‘ and then there’s a brief introduction to ‘A Life’ by Peter Raby – in my opinion the best biography about Wallace.