Supporting school teachers in the delivery of the Science and Geography curricula through natural history activities at school and in nature.


I have worked in wildlife education for over five years, designing, developing and delivering natural history activities for schools. The activities are interactive and designed to encourage debate amongst the pupils, self-thinking and problem solving where appropriate. Whilst structured, the activities are fun and informal to encourage inclusive participation.


talk: Wildlife offers a number of curriculum related and natural history educational activities designed to assist schools in achieving their learning objectives. Delivered in the classroom and the school’s outdoor spaces.

Costs:  Half day – £50.00;  Full day – £70.00        Assembly – on request.


In addition to the outreach services, I am currently sourcing a venue which will enable me to to offer my ‘In Nature’ services in a safe, natural environment.

All school trips to the venue will be free.

Wasp Beetle - Clytus arietis - Lower Wood - 1.6.2020


  • Classification
  • Habitats
  • Food chains
  • Plants
  • Pollination
  • Adaptation
  • Pond life
  • Rocks and fossils
  • Evolution and inheritance
  • Life cycles and metamorphosis
  • Conservation of wildlife and its habitats
  • Rock cycles and soil formation
  • East Anglia’s geology and geography
  • The evolution and life of birds


To encourage the use of scientific equipment, magnifying glasses, magnifying loops, sweep nets, pond-dipping equipment, binoculars guidebooks and keys are available for use during activities where required. DBS certificates are provided prior to booking. 


I am very grateful to my key sponsor, Cley Spy and the following supporters. They make it possible for me to keep prices for the talk: Wildlife services as low as possible so I can achieve my vision and mission.

Forest School for LifeKemp HerbsOpticronNorfolk and Norwich Naturalists SocietyWildSoundsWingSearch and members of team: Wildlife

Anonymous donation – ‘Friends of Allan and admirers of his work!’

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