The most perfect thing

Tim Birkhead The most perfect thingTim Birkhead (Bloomsbury Publishing)

The egg! One of nature’s perfect inventions.

But how, unless you fill it with recipes do you write a full book on eggs?

Not only does Tim provide us with a full 219 pages of eggy facts, he keeps us entertained for the full duration of the book. The egg is dissected from its outer shell to the innermost core of its yolk, covering its shape, colour, structure and perilous path from ovaries to nest. It introduces us to fanatical collectors and the completely insane ‘Climmers’ who hung off cliffs to steal guillemot’s eggs to order. You’ll learn about the importance of the albumen (the egg white – the bit you probably didn’t like to eat as a kid!) and the biological warfare it fights to keep the chick safe during its development. About how an egg breathes and the fact that it loses weight during incubation.

Tim’s books are always a great read; scrupulously researched, well written and bulging with facts that will astound and entertain you in equal measures. If you buy one book on eggs this year, make it this one!

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September 2016