Recognising roadside verges

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We drive past them every day, barely giving them a second glance. However, they stretch for thousands of miles and provide an essential home for countless numbers of wildlife species. It’s time to give roadside verges the attention they deserve. … Continued

Virunga’s hippos show signs of recovery

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A paper published last week in ‘Suiform Soundings’, a newsletter published by the IUCN’s Pigs, Peccaries, and Hippos Specialist Group states that the hippopotamus (hippo/s) numbers in Virunga National Park and starting to recover. The paper follows recent research undertaken by … Continued

Flagship species reintroduced

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The extinction of the white-faced darter in Delamere, in 2003, meant that the forest lost both its flagship species and the forest’s emblem. So it was inevitable that a reintroduction would take place that not only assisted the species survival … Continued