Stone Curlew chick



Stone Curlew chick
Stone Curlew chick © talk: Wildlife – taken under license

I will regularly upload quizzes and other wildlife activities to this page. They will be geared towards adults and children but I will let you decide which are which! Some will be quick and easy, whilst others might need you to get books out or turn to Google for help. They are just a bit of fun but might also be a means for some people to learn new facts. Hope you enjoy them.

Word Finder – Bird Record Breakers

Read the facts and see if you can spot the bird record breakers in the grid.

Answer sheet

Missing Consonants – Fossils

Use the clues to fill in the Consonants and reveal the words, all of which relate to fossils.

Answers on quiz sheet

Conservation website quiz

For this quiz, you need to access a number of websites belonging to Conservation organisations. Simply answer the questions by researching the answers on the related websites. On some of the questions you can chose the Hard route which takes you to the homepage of the website, or the Easy route which links to the page where the answers can be found.

Grab a pen and paper and select the icon to start.

The Lost Words book cover

Lost Words Crossword

For those of you who are lucky enough to own the wonderful book ‘The Lost Words‘, you may like to complete the crossword puzzle I put together for use in the Pensthorpe Natural Park Wildlife Education Centre. It is ideal for families. (Best printed A3 but A4 should work)


Lost Words Crossword


Author: Robert Macfarlane – Illustrator: Jackie Morris