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Image of Allan Archer who runs the talk: Wildlife websiteI have been a wildlife enthusiast, some would say obsessive, since I had the good fortune to visit Kruger National Park when I was twelve. The two-and-a-half days I spent in the Park were part of a school trip whilst living in South Africa.


I still have vivid memories of the  experience, which included bumping into a male Impala in the camp. There was less than two-meters between us and, being only 12 years-old, it was easily as tall as I was. Even though it was well armed with impressive horns, I can’t remember feeling scared. I do remember a buzz of excitement which may have been the trigger for my love of wildlife. I am still very passionate about wildlife and get a real kick out of talking to people about it. 


I strongly believe that we only care about the things we have a knowledge and understanding of. I also believe that if people are exposed to nature, they will learn to love it. I have therefore devised a number of natural history activities for families, schools and groups designed to introduce the incredible wildlife we share the planet with and the on-going efforts to conserve it.

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For Schools

Curriculum based and general Natural History educational activities for schools.

For Families

I offer a number of wildlife activities for families and beginners, delivered at Old Buckenham Country Park.

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Wildlife Interviews

Video interviews with fellow wildlife enthusiasts, conservationists, experts and authors.

In Pictures

A monthly pictorial overview of my month of looking at, and talking about, wildlife. Scroll over the pictures to follow the story.

Link to talk: Wildlife - Kruger Park feature video

talk: Kruger N.P.

Kruger National Park is one of the World’s top safari destinations. Hear about its merits and how to get the best from your visit.

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Wildlife Talks

Anyone who knows me is all too aware about how I like to talk, especially about wildlife! So I have put some talks together.