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To create a community that is inspired by, has empathy for and values the natural world.

To educate and enthuse all generations in the local community about wildlife, its importance and conservation.

Supporting school teachers in the delivery of the Science and Geography curricula through natural history activities at school and in nature.

As well as team: Wildlife, I offer a number of wildlife activities for families and beginners, based at Cley Spy in Glandford, Holt.

I deliver activities for adults and children’s groups, such as Beavers, Guides, home-schoolers and holiday clubs as outreach and at Cley Spy in Glandford, Holt.

About talk: Wildlife

My name is Allan Archer, and I run talk: Wildlife.

I provide natural history education and activities in Norfolk, but will go further afield. In addition, I help promote wildlife and its conservation through interviews on my YouTube channel.

I first launched talk: Wildlife as an online wildlife and conservation magazine in 2000 – before the ‘blogging’ explosion! It has been through a number of different manifestations since and in 2022, after many years of contemplation, I took talk: Wildlife to the next level, by launching it as a business.

need to talk?

If you have any questions about my activities, please get in touch, it would be great to hear from you.