Antpitta discovery triggers 20 years of conservation

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In 1997, a chance encounter with a newly discovered species of Antpitta resulted in the launch of the Jocotoco Foundation, and the protection of thousands of hectares of habitat in the Ecuadorian Andes. The discovery was made by world-renowned ornithologist, … Continued

Fifteen new gecko species discovered in Myanmar

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Scientists, supported by Fauna and Flora international, recently announced that they had found an unprecedented fifteen gecko species that are new to science.     The discoveries were made in the karst (limestone) landscapes in Myanmar over a two-week period … Continued

Help the unsung heroes – Great British Bee Count 2017

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Imagine your local shops and supermarkets stopped selling fruit, vegetables, bread, cakes, breakfast cereal, fruit juices and even some alcoholic drinks! How boring would your daily meals be, let alone your ‘drink-free’ parties? Sound drastic? Well it is all thanks … Continued

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